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Parkinson's awareness


U.S. Senate and Local Governments Recognize April as Parkinson's Awareness Month. On Tuesday April 25, the United States Senate formally declared April 2017 Parkinson's Awareness Month, bringing attention to the disease and the needs of patients. Parkinson's disease (PD) diagnosis may take time to process, but you are not alone. Learn here about Parkinson's advancing critical breakthroughs and community members who are playing a role in its progress. In this site you will find most common questions answered and asked, information that we have personally experienced and information from the experts as well as others around the world suffering from PD. #JohnWClarkFoundation



get help

Help starts with having a conversation. Whether you’re a caregiver or a person living with Parkinson’s, getting help starts with having these open conversations. Contact your Neurologist and reach out to organizations such as ours to join the conversation, visit our active BLOG page today! Here are common topics to review. #StartAConversation

• Expectations
• preparations
• coping with pd
• tremors
• speech
• thought process
• health
• motor skills
• mobility
• hygiene
• hallucinations
• delusions
• sleep deprivation

The JWC Parkinson's Foundation is run by a private partner CEO, Clark Russell. John Winston Clark was diagnosed with PD approximately 13 years ago. John has undergone many medical treatments as well as the Stem Cell treatments. With your donations we fund many different aspects of research. First and foremost we want to find a cure. We have a team of developers working on finding the latest and greatest in medical treatments and during the treatment process we have a documentation running that will be part of the education on PD. We will be launching a documentary that we need funding on as well as staffing. Your money not only provides us with the ability to continue John's treatments but you allow the research and filming of "Living with PD" to continue.