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April is Parkinson's Awareness Month


April 9th, 2018

#StartAConversation #JohnWClarkparkinsonfoundation

Good morning on this beautiful Monday! 

This week we are going to touch on a few heavy topics in hopes that we may get a conversation started. It’s important to know that PD effects each person a little differently so if you or a loved one does not experience these symptoms that is fantastic... we just want you to be aware and hopefully feel comfort in starting conversations to better understand what will, can, and might happen during the course of Parkinson’s.


Getting help starts with having a conversation.

Whether you’re a caregiver or a person living with Parkinson’s, getting help starts with having these open conversation.

• What is happening to the body?
• What will you need to do to prepare for this?
• How to cope with these life changes?
• tremors
• speech
• thought process
• health
• motor skills
• mobility
• hygiene
• hallucinations
• delusions
• sleep

Let’s discuss the latter... hallucinations and delusions. Yes, it is very likely that as Parkinson’s progresses you can experience hallucinations and delusions related to Parkinson’s. Although it can be difficult, talking to a Parkinson’s specialist—and each other—about what you’re experiencing is an important first step.


If you are a caregiver for someone with Parkinson’s, it’s important to talk about what you are observing. Your loved one may find it difficult to share these experiences—or you might find that in these discussions with the person with Parkinson’s doesn’t realize these experiences aren’t real. Once you can come to terms with this it’s time to talk with a specialist.


A Parkinson’s specialist can help you determine if there are treatment options, such as counseling and/or medication, that are right for you or your loved one. But they may be waiting for you to start the conversation.

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Thank you and God Bless!