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April is Parkinson's Awareness Month


April 5th, 2018

#StartAConversation #JohnWClarkparkinsonsfoundation

Good afternoon friends, 

Today is Thursday and a beautiful day in California. Please take the time to learn a bit about the signs of this disease. The more you learn and know the sooner you can get the help you need. Here are 10 Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease:

1. Tremor
2. Small Handwriting
3. Loss of Smell
4. Trouble Moving or Walking
5. Constipation
6. A Soft or Low Voice
7. Masked Face
8. Dizziness & Fainting
9. Stooping
10. Hunching Over

However, did you know that each patient has symptoms and signs that will be unique and individual. Some severe and some not too difficult to live with as long as you are getting proper nutrition and treatments.

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Thank you and God Bless!